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nativity play

The performances of the “nativity play” (“live-manger”) take place on the Brauhaus of Monschau in Germany ( every
Saturday and Sunday during the Advent-weekends
at 3.00 p.m and 4.00 p.m. and 5.00 p.m

The "nativity-play " -performance tells the story of the birth of Jesus, the Saviour, in Bethlehem in a popular and simple manor, showing the “ holy family” (Mary and Josef with the child Jesus), ox and donkey, the shepherds with their sheeps, the angel, who makes known the birth to them, not to forget the appearance of the "holy three kings".
Not only for children but also for adults it is a special occurrence to pet and feed the animals during the break of the two performances. Lebende-Krippe
People who have kept still a feeling for the essence of Advent and Christmas, who are too much stressed during the Xmas-time, will certainly take a fancy to the “nativity-play” (“live-manger”); may be one will be affected by the performance in a completely personal way.
Come to the city of Monschau (52156 Monschau, Germany, in the triangle of Germany-Netherlands-Belgium) and let the performance of the “nativity-play ” (“live-manger”) become a peaceful occurrence to you.

(entrance free!



The city of Monschau is a picturesque medieval small town in a valley of the region called “Eifel”, well known for the manMonschauufacturing of woollen fabrics for many years in the century.
Then nooked narrowed roads and the historical background of the old part of the town attend ot a very romantic atmosphere.
Without doubt the Christmas-market of Monschau including the “nativity-play” (“live-manger” ranks among the most beautiful markets ind the world



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